Why Malta

Malta’s strategic location, right in the heart of the Mediterranean coupled with its historical and traditionally friendly links with North African countries makes it very attractive to investors to set up base in an EU jurisdiction which can act as a platform for their business activities in such countries.

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A Bridge to North Africa

Over the years, Malta’s geographical location right at the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and its historical and traditionally friendly links with countries stretching from the North African coastline up to the Middle East, have served many local and foreign entrepreneurs well. 

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A Bridge to Europe

Malta has had a long history of a thriving manufacturing industry. Over the years, particularly in the run-up to and following the country’s membership of the European Union, this industry has seen a decided shift from the traditional textile and other product manufacture to a more select product base.

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Malta launches Individual Investor Programme

Malta Company Formation

Maltese company law is largely based on the English model. Company formation, registration and incorporation is efficient and streamlined. Maltese company law provides for the set up of three types of commercial entities, namely partnerships en non collectif; limited partnerships en comandite and limited liability companies.

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Global Residence Programme

The provisions of the Schengen Convention which have been duly integrated in the EU framework lay down that a valid residence permit from a Schengen State, together with a travel document, can substitute for a visa.  In the light of this provision therefore, a third-country national presenting a passport and a valid residence permit issued by a Schengen Member State can be allowed to enter another Schengen Member State without requiring a visa.

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Participation Exemption

The participation exemption enables a Malta holding company to benefit from a full tax exemption on both dividend income derived from a qualifying participating holding as well as on any gains derived from the transfer of such holdings. As a result Malta has become an attractive jurisdiction for establishing tax efficient holding structures.

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